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Critical vision

By the Dr. Ala'a Hussein Bashir

The painting of Saadi al-Kaabi are distinguished by their colures, themes, techniques, and composition. Al-Kaabi surrounds his figures by lines to prevent their inter blend with the earth colure background. His figures may approach the viewer or keep a distance, which depends on their rprsentation. They may rebel in dependence of their principles, or escape to the horizon or to this or that corner to cover up their failure or crime. In Al-Kaabi's paintings pain binds with joy through a highly artistic and supersensitive technique, which forms the basis of his works of art. The painter agony lies in how to separate the earth-colure of his figures from the very same colure of his backgrounds. At this point the viewer notices a human state trying to rid itself from certain characteristics, by stretching arms to the depths of the past and of the future, towards a lost pace of time, when man exists without time limits. This is how I feel towards Al-Kaabi painting. They deal with human states of mind, ornamented by elements of human civilization and burdened with knowledge. There are realistic works of art, which are highly sensitive and semi- transparent, separating joy from sadness. Still, you clearly identify all these feeling in them. I believe that Al-Kaabi painting will remain matchless in their characteristic for along time in the modern Iraqi movement.


Dr. Ala'a Hussein Bashir